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The story of the Road

When people first started traveling across the USA in cars, US 50 was one of few roads to take. It was part of the original highway system built on existing trails and routes, some of which had been used for hundreds of years. They include the Lincoln Highway, the Northwestern Turnpike in West Virginia and the National Old Trails Road(Old Santa Fe Trail).

Completed in 1926, it went from Ocean City, Maryland to the San Francisco Bay, like a belt around the middle of America covering 3073 miles in all. US 50, unlike other cross-country routes built at the same time, wasn't incorporated into the Interstate System. It stands today much as it was when completed almost 100 years ago. From the Appalachian passes to the Midwestern farmlands and on through the wide open West, US 50 cuts a perfect cross-section through the USA. In the late '80s, Life Magazine dubbed the section in Nevada "The Loneliest Road in America"(seen in the background here).

I chose US 50 as the name for this station because I wanted to embrace the same qualities. US 50 is a scenic and unique path through familiar ground, but not part of the generic, cookie-cutter approach you can find everywhere else. Like the road itself, on US 50 radio you find sharp turns and quiet corners, but I think that's more fun than straight lines and the same old spots.